About Me

Erika Fox

Welcome to my website!

I am so excited to have you here! 10 years ago I started creating content and sharing my life online. I started my blog ‘Retro Flame’ in 2012 and never in a million years did I think it would turn into my career and completely change/shape my life into what it has become today. I now have 300,000 followers across my social media platforms and have built a community that I am so deeply proud of. It all started from me sharing my love of fashion in my early 20’s while I was in college in Ireland to now sharing so many different aspects of my life every day here in New York. It truly has been a journey!

With this evolution comes a new chapter in which I am transitioning from Retro Flame to Erika Fox across all my platforms. Retro Flame has served me so well throughout the years and it will always be a huge part of who I am. But I feel now is the perfect time in my life to strip it back and reintroduce myself.

If you are new around here or just need a reintroduction, I share fashion, home interiors, travel, beauty and wellness content. My mission with all of my social media platforms, as well as this website, has always been to be as helpful as possible and I’m so excited to continue that. I am so grateful for this community and for your support.

I look forward to sharing my everyday life on my Instagram, YouTube and TikTok and this website will now be a great place for all of my platforms and passions to live.

Here’s to an exciting next chapter!


Erika x